The Benefits of Using OEM Parts

A regimen of routine repairs and maintenance is part of getting the most out of your vehicle. Making sure you get top-notch quality service from certified shops and technicians can be the foundation of your truck or car’s longevity and safety. If you don’t, that low-quality service will have you making a u-turn right back to the shop (hopefully a different one this time). This is not only time-consuming but can get quite expensive.

A large portion of automotive service is the type of parts chosen to repair or replace existing, broken parts. There are myriad choices of inexpensive options when looking at aftermarket components, or parts that aren’t made by your vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM). But the cheaper these parts are, the better chance they have of negatively impacting your vehicle or worse, exacerbating problems. This only means more of your hard-earned money flying out of your wallet and downtime with your automobile in the shop.

OEM parts

The good thing here is, this is easily avoidable. At Mundy’s, we ALWAYS use OEM parts (when applicable) instead of aftermarket. We are certified by most automotive companies for a multitude of reasons, our use of OEM parts being a key ingredient. So, when we repair or recommend repairs, OEM is the first and usually, the only option for us (and you!). There are quite a few benefits to using OEM parts.


A genuine Volvo, Toyota, or Ford part will far outlast an aftermarket component used for the same repair. Generic parts will acutely increase your risk of additional wear and tear on your precious car, truck, or motorcycle. Not only will an OEM part last much longer, but it will most likely save you money in the long run since it needs to be replaced so seldomly.

Choosing a cheaper aftermarket part is essentially gambling with your money, time, and safety. There is an old saying that says, “The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.” This rings true with many things, car parts included. You don’t want to be caught holding the bag when your aftermarket headlight assembly cracks or the cheap option for the fender you replaced doesn’t protect your family.

Quality Guarantee

OEM parts are engineered to painstakingly-high expectations set by the actual manufacturer. Ask for OEM replacements so you know that you won’t be spending cash or something that isn’t even compatible with your vehicle. The guarantee serves as a reminder that you can rest easy knowing that your drive to work isn’t going to be interrupted because you chose to save a few shackles.

Efficiency and Maximum Performance

OEM parts are designed by the same minds that design your vehicle because they’re actually made to go into your vehicle. Therefore, they’ll match your manufacturer’s standards and won’t compromise your vehicle’s safety, efficiency, or performance. It’s been proven that aftermarket components fail in a much faster timeframe and typically in a more chaotic fashion. Non-OEM parts that are forced to fit or ill-fit your vehicle will cause poor performance and can seriously decrease your fuel efficiency.

Ask for, request, or demand OEM parts for your vehicle when repairs or replacements are necessary. You won’t regret the extra money spent when your wheels keep on moving. Contact us today for a Free mobile vehicle repair estimate!