Aluminum Repair Service

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Aluminum Repair

Mundy’s Collision Center technicians are trained to fully understand the significant differences between working on steel versus aluminum for repairs. Repair shops who do not understand these significant differences could do more, even irreparable damage, to your vehicle. This is why Mundy’s Collision Center has trained their employees to expertly mend aluminum and comprehend how it varies from steel.

Aluminum does not have the same moldable properties that steel does, nor does it respond to heat in the same way that steel does. Aluminum is much stronger and lighter than steel, allowing aluminum to be a great asset when a vehicle needs both towing capacity as well as better gas mileage, for example; which is precisely why aluminum requires more care than steel for repair work.

Aluminum Repair VS Steel Repair

Mundy’s Collision Center facilities are well equipped for repair work and our technicians have years of training and experience working with and repairing aluminum.

Furthermore, all Mundy’s Collision Center aluminum repair work is backed by our lifetime guarantee. In the rare instance that you are not 100 percent satisfied with the quality of our work, simply bring your vehicle back to us our team will work to make it right

Traditional dent repair is required when the metal of your vehicle is stretched from the impact or if the dent is too deep to extract. This type of repair is also necessary when extensive paint damage from the impact is shown. Repairing a severely scraped dent requires our technicians pull out the crushed area until it is flush with the original surface.

Once our technicians achieve the ideal surface and can smooth out the damaged area, a computerized paint-matching system matches your new paint precisely to your vehicles original finish.

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